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Useful WordPress 2.9 Guides

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WordPress 2.9 – Carmen, named after Carmen McRae, the famous American Jazz singer, was released 4 days back on 18th December, 2009. Taking another step further to remain the most popular blogging platform turned CMS, this release included some exceptionally nice features that could make life really easy, other than …

22 December 2009  22 comments

Minimalistic WordPress Theme: wzWhitePaper

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It’s theme time again! And this time, inspired by the SRT CSS template, I present a single-column, minimalistic, no-image, fast-loading theme ideal for lots of writing and textual stuffs – wzWhitePaper!

12 November 2009  6 comments

19 Useful SEO Plugins for WordPress

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Everyone’s interested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) today! SEO is not, any more, only for the web marketers who live, breathe, smoke, drink, eat, dream and probably do all other activities thinking about Search Engines. It has become a common thing for everyone to think that if you have any …

6 November 2009  3 comments

Create A Twitter Like Site Using WordPress

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Microblogging is in! And Twitter is a proof enough for that. It is pretty efficient and useful for staying in touch with family, friends and colleagues. But did you know that you can set up a similar website, for your very personal network, using wordpress? Yes, just a few plugins, …

11 October 2009  1 comment

Create A PopURLs Like Page in WordPress

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PopUrls is an immensely popular web application which won the 2007 Webby Awards and is declared as one of the Times Best Sites of 2009. It is in fact an aggregator that displays snippets, previews or teasers of the latest posts from various popular blogs and social applications like Twitter, …

3 October 2009  2 comments

How To Create RSS Feeds For Each WordPress Category

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Do you have a WordPress blog that covers various categories of various interests? What happens when visitors subscribe to your blog? They will get updates on all the content whether it interests them or not. So why not create feeds for each of your categories? This way you can offer …

26 September 2009  3 comments

Highlight Search Terms in WordPress with jQuery

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Highlighting search terms in content is a great way of displaying the relevancy of the page to its viewers. In Wordpress, this can be achieved with the help of a simple tweak. Both title and post contents can be highlighted using the following code snippet.
In the WordPress theme’s function.php file, paste the following code:
function hls_set_query() {

24 September 2009  1 comment
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