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8 Useful Online Video Tools

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The trend for online videos is ever increasing. And now it’s not just about viewing low quality 10 second snippets online, it’s more about high quality, viral content and even more, online editing, mash-ups and enterprise solutions. If you are seriously into online videos, here are 8 quite useful websites …

17 December 2009  No comments

7 Awesome Photoshop Video Tutorials

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Video tutorials have certain advantages. They allow you to get a real glimpse of how something is being done, step by step. Reading tutorials can sometimes be confusing if it’s not very well written, you might not understand one stepĀ  causing the entire tutorial to fall apart. But if you …

11 November 2009  No comments

doubleTwist Challenges Apple With 1984 Classic Ad Remake

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We are all probably well aware of the rift between doubleTwist and Apple back in June. Well, doubleTwist – which makes software that lets you use iTunes seamlessly with other devices has launched a fresh new attack against Apple in a spectacular fashion – by remaking the classic 1984 ad …

30 September 2009  No comments

DEMOfall 09 Videos

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Yet another great DEMO conference is just over. Produced by Chris Shipley and Matt Marshall of VentureBeat, the fall 2009 event in San Diego had 56 demonstrator companies and 14 AlphaPitch start-ups presenting their innovative new products. As usual, each company was given six straight minutes with just the founder …

24 September 2009  No comments
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