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25 Mootools Image Plugins and Extensions

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Mootools have recently taken a bit of backseat with the advent of jQuery, which incidentally has become the most popular javascript framework. But Mootools can still be utilized for several functions that jQuery can perform and can surely be deployed to all websites.
So what to choose? Mootools or jQuery? It …

23 November 2009  1 comment

13 Useful jQuery Plugins for Twitter

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So you like Twitter and you have a blog / website too…Well, then you are just like me – and thousands…err…millions of others. Now allow your website or blog to connect to Twitter and display your tweets, friends and profile directly on your site making it super easy and attractive for your visitors to connect to you. Here’s a list of 13 wonderful jQuery plugins that would help you accomplish this mission.

14 November 2009  7 comments

The Ultimate jQuery Navigation Resource: 44 Plugins And Tutorials

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A good navigation system has always been important for websites.  Not only does it open up a website’s contents to its visitors, but also provides an opportunity to stand out if it can be designed and made to function well. Previously a good way of displaying “cool” navigation was by …

10 November 2009  1 comment

10 Useful Ajax Tutorials

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Web developers today are driven to use new technologies for enhancing and enriching user experience and functionalities. Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is one such technology. In the present times, the usage of Ajax have grown rapidly to ensure improved user practice and website presentations. Following the lines, here are …

20 October 2009  No comments

Highlight Search Terms in WordPress with jQuery

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Highlighting search terms in content is a great way of displaying the relevancy of the page to its viewers. In Wordpress, this can be achieved with the help of a simple tweak. Both title and post contents can be highlighted using the following code snippet.
In the WordPress theme’s function.php file, paste the following code:
function hls_set_query() {

24 September 2009  1 comment
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