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25 Creative Wallpapers for Your Desktop

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Creativity blooms in creative environment. So if you are the creative type, it’s always better to be amongst a lot of creativity. And if you creativity requires you to be on a computer, it’s best to start with visually upgrading your desktop with creative wallpapers. Enough said, here’s 25 beautiful …

20 December 2009  5 comments

13 Sites to Grab A Cool, Free Twitter Background

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We have seen it happen for MySpace, we have seen it happen for Blogger, now it’s time for Twitter. Backgrounds, styles & templates are always in demand and they seem to make it big whenever a successful site offers those customizations. I was looking for some Twitter backgrounds and was …

12 December 2009  No comments

20 Most Popular Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

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We have reached the final month of 2009 and it’s time for Santa Claus to come to town, again. Christmas is around the corners and festive spirit is at it’s peak. Keeping up with the moods, here’s a list of 20 most popular Christmas themed Photoshop tutorials to let your creative souls jingle all the way.

10 December 2009  3 comments

20 Addictive Online Flash Games to Beat the Blues

Post Thumbnail of 20 Addictive Online Flash Games to Beat the Blues

Hello again! I’ve been down with viral for almost a week and that kept me away from a lot of things including blogging. Lying in bed the whole time with nothing much to do can bore you to death. Luckily, I was allowed to spend ten fifteen minutes on my …

9 December 2009  1 comment

10 Original Internet Celebrity Wallpapers

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Internet is full of celebrities! Hollywood stars, singers, musicians, politicians and all of them. Each of them has their own share of web spaces, searches, downloadables etc. The World Wide Web is just another outlet to display their popularity, glitz and glamor. And then there are the others…the ones who …

25 November 2009  No comments

35 Ubuntu Wallpapers I Like

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I know someone who has just switched over from Vista to Ubuntu and was looking for some cool wallpapers. I realized, for an Ubuntu newbie a cool desktop would probably provide that edge for his newly found freedom. Finding great Ubuntu wallpapers was quite a task though, as there are …

19 November 2009  7 comments

51 Free, Beautiful Serif Fonts

Post Thumbnail of 51 Free, Beautiful Serif Fonts
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Serif fonts are often preferred for body text, as they are considered easier to read than the sans-serif fonts. Moreover, serif fonts are great for classic and retro style designs, both in web and in print. So if you have been looking for serif fonts for that classic piece of …

18 November 2009  2 comments

7 Beautiful Vector Patterns

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The main advantage of vector graphics is flexibility. Vectors can be scaled to any size without a loss of quality. And that makes it excellent to be used in web designing. Here’s a set of 7 beautiful vector patterns you can download and use.

17 November 2009  2 comments

13 Useful jQuery Plugins for Twitter

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So you like Twitter and you have a blog / website too…Well, then you are just like me – and thousands…err…millions of others. Now allow your website or blog to connect to Twitter and display your tweets, friends and profile directly on your site making it super easy and attractive for your visitors to connect to you. Here’s a list of 13 wonderful jQuery plugins that would help you accomplish this mission.

14 November 2009  7 comments

Minimalistic WordPress Theme: wzWhitePaper

Post Thumbnail of Minimalistic Wordpress Theme: wzWhitePaper

It’s theme time again! And this time, inspired by the SRT CSS template, I present a single-column, minimalistic, no-image, fast-loading theme ideal for lots of writing and textual stuffs – wzWhitePaper!

12 November 2009  6 comments

WordPress Thumbnail Gallery Theme: wzThumbelina

Post Thumbnail of Wordpress Thumbnail Gallery Theme: wzThumbelina

I have been keeping a track of PhotoBlog Themes for WordPress for quite some time now. And it’s true that there are several excellent ones available, mostly for free (I’d be sharing some of my interesting finds at a later post maybe). But I could never come across a thumbnail …

5 November 2009  16 comments

240+ Photoshop Splatter Brushes

Post Thumbnail of 240+ Photoshop Splatter Brushes
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If you liked our previous collection of Photoshop brushes, here’s more. This collection comprises of 240+ “Splatter” brushes you can use to create wonderful effects with Photoshop.

2 November 2009  No comments

Free WordPress Theme: wzOrdinaire

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A lot of people love simple, minimalistic, white Wordpress themes with no images for fast loading. So after the artistic theme release wz-SimpleArt (which is now upgraded to support a whole lot of additional features), here’s a new minimalistic theme from WebbyZone – wzOrdinaire! Design credits to

28 October 2009  5 comments
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