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52 Halloween iPhone Wallpapers

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Yet another hot resource set for Halloween. This Halloween let the spirits take over your iPhone with the hottest Halloween wallpapers.

18 October 2009  No comments

doubleTwist Reveals Choice

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As promised in their earlier remake of Apple Classic 1984 commercial, doubleTwist launched Choice on 6th October. Well no, it is not any new software named Choice, it is rather an integrated music store very similar to the iTunes store. Powered by Amazon’s MP3 store, it will allow users to …

12 October 2009  No comments

doubleTwist Challenges Apple With 1984 Classic Ad Remake

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We are all probably well aware of the rift between doubleTwist and Apple back in June. Well, doubleTwist – which makes software that lets you use iTunes seamlessly with other devices has launched a fresh new attack against Apple in a spectacular fashion – by remaking the classic 1984 ad …

30 September 2009  No comments
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