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Make Xajax-PHPMailer Contact Forms Work

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Since working contact forms are a regular requirement for web designers and developers here’s a tutorial on how to make a working, secure and stylish contact form with Xajax and PHPMailer.

10 January 2010  15 comments

90 Ajax, Javascript, DHTML Libraries

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With the increased need for developing websites that support a whole lot of features, has a cool interface and perform fast and smooth is a challenging task. Web developers today, need to use hundreds of new technologies to deliver the needful. And to do this, they will often need to …

1 November 2009  No comments

10 Useful Ajax Tutorials

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Web developers today are driven to use new technologies for enhancing and enriching user experience and functionalities. Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is one such technology. In the present times, the usage of Ajax have grown rapidly to ensure improved user practice and website presentations. Following the lines, here are …

20 October 2009  No comments
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