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Useful WordPress 2.9 Guides

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WordPress 2.9 – Carmen, named after Carmen McRae, the famous American Jazz singer, was released 4 days back on 18th December, 2009. Taking another step further to remain the most popular blogging platform turned CMS, this release included some exceptionally nice features that could make life really easy, other than …

22 December 2009  22 comments

114 Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

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After the mega-collection of Photoshop light effects tutorials, it’s time for another ultimate Photoshop tutorials collection – the ever-essential text effects. These 114 tutorials cover almost all of the amazing text effects that can be produced with Photoshop, so check them out.

30 November 2009  13 comments

Minimalistic WordPress Theme: wzWhitePaper

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It’s theme time again! And this time, inspired by the SRT CSS template, I present a single-column, minimalistic, no-image, fast-loading theme ideal for lots of writing and textual stuffs – wzWhitePaper!

12 November 2009  6 comments

WordPress Thumbnail Gallery Theme: wzThumbelina

Post Thumbnail of Wordpress Thumbnail Gallery Theme: wzThumbelina

I have been keeping a track of PhotoBlog Themes for WordPress for quite some time now. And it’s true that there are several excellent ones available, mostly for free (I’d be sharing some of my interesting finds at a later post maybe). But I could never come across a thumbnail …

5 November 2009  16 comments

80 Killer 404 Error Page Inspirations

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It’s really boring to see the typical page-not-found error on the browser. Not only is it boring, but once you reach there you have no other options but to either press the back button or re-type and url. So everytime a visitor to your site lands on a broken page, …

16 October 2009  2 comments
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