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20 Addictive Online Flash Games to Beat the Blues

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Hello again! I’ve been down with viral for almost a week and that kept me away from a lot of things including blogging. Lying in bed the whole time with nothing much to do can bore you to death. Luckily, I was allowed to spend ten fifteen minutes on my laptop after long intervals and spent the time playing some stupid yet addictive games that kept me going. So I decided to put them up here once I could get my fingers back on the keyboard.

Here’s my list of 20 most popular, stupid yet addictive online flash games that can help you to beat the blues.

Bowmaster – Defend your castle from attacking ogres with your bows. Mouse controlled game that requires aim and a bit of strategy.

Bowmaster - Online Flash Game

Artillery Live – Extremely addictive strategy game where you control your tank to shoot missiles against opponent’s tanks. Angles, power and wind direction to be taken into consideration while shooting. 2 Player mode available.

Artillery Live v2.0

Bloons – A very addictive flash game where you become a dart-throwing monkey. Each level has a number of balloons and a specific number of darts you can use to destroy as many balloons as possible.

Bloons - Online Flash Game

Bowman – Archery game where you gotta shoot your opponent, human or computer, and kill it. Angles and power are important, you can optionally choose to drop a wall in between and add wind effects.

Bowman - Online Flash Game

Onslaught – The typical ever-popular tower defense game where you place your guns in strategic positions to prevent attacking enemy from entering your tower, Area 51 in this case.

Onslaught - Online Flash Game

Double Wires – One of the most popular, most stupid and probably most addictive time killer game. Use your mouse to shoot two wires and help the stick figure fly around like Spiderman. The challenge is to go as far as possible.

Double Wires - Free Online Flash Game

Pong – Nothing much to say about this timeless classic. Just move your mouse to control the paddle and keep the ball in the game.

Pong - Online Flash Game

Binball Wizard – Kick a soccer ball around office to shoot it into the bin. Each time you “bin” it, the placement of the bin changes. You could break a few computer screens also.

Binball Wizard - Online Flash Game

Trebuchet – A great physics game where you have to tweak your trebuchet settings to accomplish a mission in each level.

Trebuchet - Online Flash Game

Monkey Kick Off – One of the most addictive and irritating time killer games where you have to get the monkey to kick off a ball as far as possible. Timing is crucial.

Monkey Kick-Off

Nex – Click your mouse just in right time to break the ice wall. Funny and addictive.

Nex - Online Flash Game

CDX – One of the best graphics you can find in Flash games. Real actors and video segments were used to create this game. You wake up in a room after your bike crashed, don’t remember a thing and gotta find out what’s going on! Interesting stuff.

CDX The Game

Cyrkam Airtos – One of my favorites! Catch the paper ball and throw it into the bin.

Cyrkam Airtos - Online Flash Game

Kitten Cannon – Use up and down arrows to move the cannon and spacebar to fire kittens and see how far your kitten can go.

Kitten Cannon - Free Online Flash Game

Throw Paper – Simple yet addictive game where you need to throw the paper to the bin keeping in mind the direction and force of the wind.

Throw Paper - Online Flash Game

Ping Pong – Try to bounce the ball as many times possible. Simple yet addictive.

Ping Pong

Space Invaders – Flash version of the timeless classic Space Invaders.

Space Invaders Flash Game

Pacman – This game will need no explanation or introduction. The ever popular game in flash.

Pacman Flash

Super Mario World Flash – The all time bestseller now in Flash. Doesn’t look perfect but when it’s Mario, it’s always worth a game.

Super Mario

Contra – The popular shooting game that most of us probably grew up playing. Could have been better with a bigger interface, but good enough as it is.


Happy gamin’ guys!

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Mar 18, 2010
9:12 pm

Wow, it’s pretty rare to see someone put things into perspective the way you just did. I wish that other bloggers and people that post content to the web would take a page from your book! Do you have any other sites that I could visit or could you possibly make a recommendation as to where I might be able to find some more information? Either way, thanks for an excellent resource and I look forward to being a repeat reader!

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