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11 Amusing Twitter Accounts

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Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready to rock 2009 away. I just took a break from the week long celebration and was doing some catch ups in Twitter, when I came across some interesting, crazy and hilarious accounts. These accounts and their tweets are mindless but …

29 December 2009  No comments

Useful WordPress 2.9 Guides

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WordPress 2.9 – Carmen, named after Carmen McRae, the famous American Jazz singer, was released 4 days back on 18th December, 2009. Taking another step further to remain the most popular blogging platform turned CMS, this release included some exceptionally nice features that could make life really easy, other than …

22 December 2009  22 comments

25 Creative Wallpapers for Your Desktop

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Creativity blooms in creative environment. So if you are the creative type, it’s always better to be amongst a lot of creativity. And if you creativity requires you to be on a computer, it’s best to start with visually upgrading your desktop with creative wallpapers. Enough said, here’s 25 beautiful …

20 December 2009  5 comments

Cyber T(w)error Strikes Twitter

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Twitter, our beloved micro-blogging and communications platform was hit earlier today with a shameful terror attack that left us with a lot of questions and them with much embarrassment.

18 December 2009  No comments

8 Useful Online Video Tools

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The trend for online videos is ever increasing. And now it’s not just about viewing low quality 10 second snippets online, it’s more about high quality, viral content and even more, online editing, mash-ups and enterprise solutions. If you are seriously into online videos, here are 8 quite useful websites …

17 December 2009  No comments

13 Sites to Grab A Cool, Free Twitter Background

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We have seen it happen for MySpace, we have seen it happen for Blogger, now it’s time for Twitter. Backgrounds, styles & templates are always in demand and they seem to make it big whenever a successful site offers those customizations. I was looking for some Twitter backgrounds and was …

12 December 2009  No comments

20 Most Popular Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

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We have reached the final month of 2009 and it’s time for Santa Claus to come to town, again. Christmas is around the corners and festive spirit is at it’s peak. Keeping up with the moods, here’s a list of 20 most popular Christmas themed Photoshop tutorials to let your creative souls jingle all the way.

10 December 2009  3 comments

20 Addictive Online Flash Games to Beat the Blues

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Hello again! I’ve been down with viral for almost a week and that kept me away from a lot of things including blogging. Lying in bed the whole time with nothing much to do can bore you to death. Luckily, I was allowed to spend ten fifteen minutes on my …

9 December 2009  1 comment
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