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10 Original Internet Celebrity Wallpapers

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Internet is full of celebrities! Hollywood stars, singers, musicians, politicians and all of them. Each of them has their own share of web spaces, searches, downloadables etc. The World Wide Web is just another outlet to display their popularity, glitz and glamor. And then there are the others…the ones who have become famous by means of the internet. They have made their marks on the World Wide Web through their contributions to the net, often showing paths for the future of the virtual world and often changing the way things used to be. And hey, all of them have their own Wikipedia pages too. They are the internet celebrities and they are admired by the webbies of the world. And here’s my tribute to a few of them…

I searched and searched, and I found wallpapers, various types, of all the different celebrities, but none of the internet celebrities. So I downloaded a few images, a few other wallpapers, mixed them up, played around with the photoshop tutorials I posted previously and came up with these. Loved making them – hope you all like them too!

Amanda Congdon – She rose to fame as the host and co-producer of Rocketboom, a daily video blog which she left in 2006!

Amanda Congdon Wallpaper

Jason Calacanis – This media entrepreneur created some of the hottest sites on the web. The co-founder of Weblogs Inc. was actively behind the creation of sites like Engadget, Joystiq, Slashfood and Mahalo! His personal blog is also one of the most popular blogs on the net.

Jason Calacanis

Jessica Lee Rose – She is Bree or more popularly lonelygirl15! And that’s enough said about her. She is the poster child for the phenomenal success of YouTube and user-driven Web content.

lonelygirl15 Wallpaper

Jimmy Wales – This man changed the way Internet and websites were used. The co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia, he needs no introduction.

Jimmy Wales Wallpaper

Matt Drudge – He is the creator and editor of Drudge Report, the site that first broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal. His site was often cited as an example of the next generation of online journalism.

Matt Drudge

Michael Arrington – He is a corporate attorney, an entrepreneur and the editor of probably the most influential blog present today – TechCrunch. Wired and Forbes have named Arrington to be one of the most powerful man on the internet!

Michael Arrington

Perez Hilton – “Hollywood stars fear the wrath of Perez Hilton, a controversial gossip-monger with a poison pen and hugely popular website” –

Perez Hilton

Robert Scoble – American blogger, technical evangelist, and author – famous for his blog Scobleizer. He was previously a marketing executive hired by Microsoft to blog about their products where he used his unique style “which included criticizing his own company and praising competitors, and his innate grasp of Web community (embracing comments on the site, giving out his own phone number) quickly endeared him to fans.”

Robert Scoble

Seth Godin – He popularized the topic permission marketing and is often noted for his understanding of the internet. Among other things, he is more famous for his book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable and as the founder of Squidoo.

Seth Godin

Xeni Jardin – Popular as the co-editor of the immensely popular blog Boing Boing, she is a blogger, digital media commentator, and tech culture journalist who has contributed to Wired, Popular Science and Playboy magazines and makes regular TV appearances on outlets including CNN, ABC, NBC and PBS. Jardin even co-curated SENT, America’s first cellphone art show.

Xeni Jardin

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