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25 Mootools Image Plugins and Extensions

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Mootools have recently taken a bit of backseat with the advent of jQuery, which incidentally has become the most popular javascript framework. But Mootools can still be utilized for several functions that jQuery can perform and can surely be deployed to all websites.

So what to choose? Mootools or jQuery? It has more become a matter of choice as I have come to know quite a few people who still use Mootools. As for me, I like the Mootools image related plugins and extensions best. So here’s my list of 25 Mootools image plugins and extensions that you can use, just in case you don’t want to get your hands dirty with jQuery.

Mootools Image Sliders & Slideshows

1. SlideItMoo v1.1 – It is a Mootools 1.2 image slider with externall CSS. Navigation is possible with mouseclicks or rotating the mousewheel. It can be used to display any number of thumbnails in a photo gallery or as a banner rotator. Click here for a demo!

SlideItMoo v1.1

2. SlideShow 2 – It is a javascript class for Mootools 1.2 to stream and animate image presentations in your website. It has a whole lot of features like dynamic resizing, thumbnails, animated captions etc. Click here for a demo!

SlideShow 2

3. noobSlide – It is a multipurpose script. It can be used both as a content slider or image gallery. noobSlide has pretty good animations and different styles. Check out the various demos in their site.


4. Slideshow from Phatfusion – One of the earliest image gallery cum sliders for Mootools. It’s got a neat look and animation.

PhatFusion SlideShow

5. MooFlow v0.2 – This script emulates the popular Apple “CoverFlow” effect. It also supports fullscreen view option, much like flash players. Mousewheel and keyboard navigation also supported.

MooFlow v0.2

Mootools Image Galleries

6. UvumiTools Gallery Plugin – Mootools gallery plugin with unconventional style. Includes thumbnail zoom effect on hover and carousel style effects.

UvumiTools Gallery Plugin

7. SmoothGallery 2.1 – Ok, this one’s my favorite. It’s got cool effects, very smooth and works like a charm. Supports transition effects and auto scroll. Click here for a demo!

SmoothGallery 2.1

8. (E)2 Photo Gallery – Simple, easy to use photo gallery plugin. Supports thumbnail images and carousel view. Requires PHP. Click here for a demo!

(E)2 Photo Gallery

9. Mootools Javascript Image Gallery – Just a simple image gallery using javascript framework Mootools.

Mootools Javascript Image Gallery

10. MooPix – “MooPix isn’t a slideshow”! It’s rather an interface to display your Flickr gallery in very stylish ways – both slideshow and thumbnails.


11. JSGallery2 – Simple plugin with simple animations. Supports thumbnails with pagination. Click here for a demo!


12. Pamoorama – A simple, small script for enhancing panoramic image view. Various scroll options supported.


Lightbox-Type Image Viewers

13. Phatfusion Lightbox – The typical inline image popup, overlay and fade effects. The classic lightbox style.

PhatFusion Lightbox

14. ImageZoom – Based on Lightbox JS, it can display large images and can group multiple photos in a single set.


15. mediaboxAdvanced – I loved this script. It is based on Lightbox, Slimbox and the Mootools javascript library and is capable of handling images, videos, animations, social video sites, twitter media links, inline elements and even external pages…all that with great ease and style. A complete one-stop solution.


16. Milkbox – Just another Lightbox clone, written in Mootools.


17. ReMooz – It is an open source widget for inline popups, powered by Mootools. It features centered or relative-positioned draggable zoomed images, content preloading, fading captions, with plenty of options. Click here for a demo!


18. Phatfusion Multibox – This one is yet another multi-purpose lightbox style script that can handle images, various movie formats, html, inline contents and external pages.

PhatFusion Multibox

Image Cropping with Mootools

19. Lasso.Crop – Cool image cropping tool powered by Mootools.


20. Kroppr – The only plugin in this list which is not free. You gotta buy this for 29 Euros per domain / subdomain. However, it is cool, stylish and supports a lot of features like image rotation, resizing and cropping and you can save the image on your local drive too. Easy to install.


Miscellaneous Mootools Plugins

21. ImageCaption – It is Mootools “plugin for easily adding figure captions to image elements on a web page. It is very customizable and painless to style.” Click here for a demo!


22. Phatfusion Image Menu – This is a cool menu system that reveals the entire image on mouseover.

PhatFusion Image Menu

23. Sexy Album Art – A fun and sexy style of displaying album art with the help of Mootools. A jQuery version is also available, just for info :)

Sexy Album Art

24. mParallax – “mParallax is an adaptation for MooTools framework of jParallax whose its author, Stephen Band, describes it like “jParallax turns a selected element into a ‘window’, or viewport, and all its children into absolutely positioned layers that can be seen through the viewport. These layers move in response to the mouse, and, depending on their dimensions (and options for layer initialisation), they move by different amounts, in a parallaxy kind of way”.” Cool! Check out demo 1, demo 2 and demo 3!


25. Custom Missing Image – A script that replaces missing images in a website with default images. Click here for a demo!

Custom Missing Images

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