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Hottest CG Girls – 50 Amazing Portraits

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I am in love with CG. I always knew that it was possible to create artistic as well as realistic images with CG, but it wasn’t until I came across some stunning CG portraits that I could believe to what extent! And immidiately I knew what was coming up in our next post. To make things a little more interesting, here’s a showcase of 50 hottest CG girls looking sexy, naughty, beautiful et al.

Maria 2 by J. Jureczko

CG Girl Maria 2

Open Green by Andrius Balciunas

CG Girl Portrait - Open Green

BINAH by Florian Delarque

BINAH - CG Girl Portrait

Think Pink by Werner Ziemerink

CG Girl Portrait - Think Pink

Kathryn by Richard Turic

CG Girl Kathryn

Elene by Soa Lee

Beautiful CG Girl Elene

A Girl by Jiro Sugiyama

Realistic CG Girl

Grace of the Snow by Soa Lee

CG Portrait - Grace of the Snow

My Lovely Uzi by Cagri Cankaya

CG Portrait - My Lovely Uzi

Purple Hair Woman by Olivier Ponsonnet

CG Portrait - Purple Hair Woman

Flower Messenger by Jack Zhang

Flower Messenger CG Portrait

Ingrid Bergman by Max Wahyudi

CG Portrait - Ingrid Bergman

Biker by Andrea Bertaccini

Realistic Biker CG Girl

Sleeping Princess by Prashant Suyal

CG Portrait - Sleeping Princess

Jennifer by Rami Shtainer

CG Girl Jennifer

Fifi and the Mummy by Steven Stahlberg

Naughty CG Girl Fifi and the Mummy

Rose by Anthony Guebels

CG Girl Rose

Girl by Hiroki Tsuboi

CG Portrait - Girl

Bernadette by Stephen David Molyneaux

CG Girl Bernadette

Yuki Girl by Wxaj0928

CG Portrait - Yuki Girl

Classical Girl by Wangshiyong

Classical Girl CG Portrait

Post Apocalyptic Undies by Gabriel

Sexy CG Portrait - Post Apocalyptic Undies

Dancer by Young Jong Cho

Dancer CG Portrait

Jewel by Adam Potter

CG Girl Jewel

Portrait of an European Girl by Roja Huchez

CG Portrait of an European Girl

Beauty Monica by Mihai Anghelescu

Beautiful CG Portrait - Monica

Moon Key Girl by Olivier Ponsonnet

CG Portrait - Moon Key Girl

Mystery by Scott Luttrell

CG Girl Mystery

Unfinished by Adam Potter

CG Portrait - Unfinished

Jade by Reiv

CG Girl Jade

Night Rider by Hyun Hee Lee

CG Portrait Night Rider

Aviator’s Wife by Alessandro Baldasseroni

CG Portrait - Aviator's Wife

Girl Executioner by Eugene Fokin

CG Portrait - Girl Executioner

Girl Interrupted by Bray

CG Portrait - Girl Interrupted

Pink Sugar by Olivier Ponsonnet

CG Portrait - Pink Sugar

Glasses by Heon-Hwa Choe

Glasses - CG Portrait

Sarah Morrison About to Shower by Steven Stahlberg

Sexy CG Babe Sarah Morrison About to Shower

Digital Portrait of a Woman by Andrius Balciunas

CG Portrait of a Woman

Song Hye Kyo by Max Edwin Wahyudi

CG Girl Song Hye Kyo

ColdBlue by Olivier Ponsonnet

CG Portrait - ColdBlue

Portrait of a Girl by Rod Seffen

CG Portrait of a Girl

Hwangjini by Hyunsoo Moon

CG Girl Hwangjini

Girl in Hood by Szabolcs Matefy

CG Portrait - Girl in Hood

Boxing Club by 3dstrike

CG Portrait - Boxing Club

A Photograph by Rui Shen

CG Portrait - A Photograph

Hue by Kim Hyong Jun

CG Girl Hue

Maxim Cyberbabe by Liam Kemp

Maxim Cyberbabe CG Portrait

Prada Woman by David Cathro

CG Portrait - Prada Woman

20th Hollywood Lighting by Soa Lee

CG Portrait - 20th Hollywood Lighting

Christmas Present by Soa Lee

CG Portrait - Christmas Present

Posted by Ranadeep   @   13 November 2009 7 comments
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Nov 14, 2009
1:52 am
#1 Tony :

Great collection…Keep up the good work :)

Author Nov 14, 2009
2:01 am
#2 Ranadeep :

:) Thanks Tony, for visiting WebbyZone – your site, in fact, has been a source of inspiration to me for quite long…It’s a real pleasure having you here…

Nov 14, 2009
4:03 am
#3 Kim :

All white and/or chinese? So these are fantasies for white men only? please…

Nov 14, 2009
7:42 am

Wow, they sure looks like a real person. Awesome!

Nov 22, 2009
11:11 am
#5 Maruis :

like your collection

Jan 2, 2010
6:41 pm
#6 vinay :

Great Article!!!!!!!!! will come back for more …

Jun 23, 2010
2:42 pm
#7 aidin :

this pics verry light….this goods

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