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6 Extremely Useful PHP Tutorials

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There are several new features popping up in recent sites that enhances user experience. Here’s some of the extremely popular and useful features you can apply to your websites with PHP.

1. Retrieve And Display your Gmail: This tutorial help you to learn how you can display your Gmail directly on your site with a cool accordion effect, using PHP and MooTools Fx.Accordion. See a live demo!

2. Retrieve Google Analytics Visits & Pageviews: Now that you have already learnt how to display your Gmail, flash your website traffic too. Retrieve your Analytics visits & pageviews and display them on your site. See a demo!

3. Face Detection & Tagging in Photos: Liked that cool feature coming up in most of the social networks these days where you can add tags the faces of uploaded images. Well do it yourself now.

4. Facebook Type Image Rotation: Like the cool Facebook tool where you can rotate images. Here you learn how and apply to your own site. Live Demo!

5. Secured File Upload: So you always wanted to allow user uploads in your site but were too afraid of security breaches. Well, you were right, but not anymore. Check out how you can allow secure user uploads in your site.

6. Excel Reader: Now read excel sheets directly into PHP. No need to convert the files for web displays anymore.

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