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15 Beautiful Minimalistic HTML5 Web Designs

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As of October 2009, WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) announced that the specifications of the next major revision of HTML, known as HTML5, is in the “last call” state. As we wait for the next generation of HTML, people across the globe have already started designing their sites using the HTML5 markup. Here’s a list of 15 beautiful, live and minimalistic HTML5 website designs.

mm studio

mm studio website

Celine Bakshi

Celine Bakshi Website

Design Intellection

Design Intellection Website

Rohit Arondekar

Rohit Arondekar Website

Mirror The World

Mirror The World

Max Nature Photographer

Max Nature Photographer Website


Monadik Website

Projekt Draco

Projekt Draco Website

Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds Website


Wurkit Website

jamie calabro

jamie calabro Website

Denis Fernández Gridchin

Denis Fernandez Gridchin Website

A. Scott McCauley Photography

A. Scott McCauley Photography Website


thirteentwelve Website

isa costa

isa costa Website

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