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5 Most Essential SEO Related PHP Classes for Developers

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization has become an inevitable part of web development. Here are a few very important SEO related PHP Classes which you download and use for free.

Class: Google Page Rank Checker

Author: Emre Odabas

This class can be used to retrieve the Google page rank of a page with a given URL. The Page Rank is a family of algorithms for assigning numerical weights to hyperlinked documents (or web pages) indexed by Google. This class accesses the Google servers and queries the page rank of a given URL. The page rank value returned by the class is a number between 0 and 10.

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Class: Simple Link Exchange

Author: Denys Matuzenko

This class can be used to manage Web page links exchanged between multiple sites. The class can:
- Create a couple of MySQL database tables to store lists of links grouped by categories
- Add a new category or list the existing categories
- Add a new link, update or delete links, list all links from a category
- Validate exchanged back-links, update their presence status and generate a valid links report

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Class: Google Keyword Position

Author: Sandeep Kumar

This class can be used to determine the position of Google search results from a domain for a given keyword. It takes the URL of a site and a list of keywords and performs a search on Google. The class parses the results to find the first that contains an URL of the given domain.

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Class: Google Site Map Generator

Author: Ultral

This class can be used to generate a Google site maps. It can build the site map from lists of URL specified using arrays, string or passing MySQL database query result handles. It can can also browse a specified folder (recursively or not and with extension check) to buil the google site map.

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Class: Smart Meta Generator

Author: Saeed Arab Sheybani

This class can be used to extract HTML keywords from an HTML page. It takes a string with the tags and data of an HTML page, remove the HTML tags and analyzes the remaining data to determine which keywords can be used to associate with the HTML page. The class can remove common words, unintelligible words, as well a given list words before determining which are the page keywords.

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