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Give Any Font A Sketch Effect In Illustrator

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There are quite a few sketch fonts available on the net, some of them free too, but did you know that you can turn your favorite font into a sketched font with the help of  Adobe Illustrator CS versions? Here’s how it goes:

Step 1. Create a new document. With the Text Tool (T) type out something with your favorite font. In the above image I have used Kimberley, Impact, Danube Bold and Duvall to write WebbyZone.

Step 2. Select the text. Now take off all strokes and fills. You’ll see the selection is still there but the canvas is blank due to the lack of strokes and fills.

Step 3. With the text still selected, open the Appearance and choose Add New Fill. Keep the default black color.

Step 4. Select the new fill in the Appearance panel and go to Effect > Stylize > Scribble. In the Scribble Options box change the Angle to 45, the Path Overlap to 0 px, the Path Overlap Variation to 2 px, the Stroke Width to 1 px, the Curviness to 0, the Curviness Variation to 50, the Spacing to 2 px, and the Spacing Variation to 1.5 px.

Step 5. Now in the Appearance panel, Add New Stroke and give the text a 2 pt. stroke.

Step 6. Keeping the Stroke selected in the Appearance panel go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Roughen. In the Roughen dialog, change the Size to 1 or 1.5, select the Relative radial button, change the Detail to 30, and select the Smooth radial button for Point.

Step 7. Select the font in the Appearance panel. Go to the Graphic Styles panel and click the New Graphic Style Button.

Now you have the style ready. You can use any font for your texts in future and in case you want a sketchy style, keep the text selected, go to the Graphic Styles panel and click on the sketch style icon.

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