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I spent the last few days playing with my new possession and obsession, the iPad. A common question asked by everyone at this stage would be iPad 1 or 2? Well Apple has been kind enough to release their first version in India after such a long time and I could only get my hands on iPad1 only at a time when the rest of the world was enjoying the release of iPad2. Sad but true! However, an ardent Apple fan, I did not let this situation dampen my spirits. Instead, I did some research and found out the apps that would be the key to my increased productivity in the coming times.

So be prepared as I take you to through my preferred choices of productivity apps for iPad.

iWorks: Apps from Apple

To all those who are familiar with Apple softwares, iWorks need no explanations. To those who don't, it is basically Apples solution for MS Office - Pages for Words, Numbers for Excel and Keynote for PowerPoint. Do we use any more of MS Office's softwares? In case of iPad, you need to buy the 3 different apps separately from the App Store, each of them costing $9.99

iWorks: Pages


While in India, it might seem to be a very expensive alternative to Word, know for sure that if you are willing to use a legit copy of Word, it would cost you more. The interface for Pages is great, but that's something I always expect out of anything Apple. Compared to Word, it might not be very powerful with all the various options, but it surely does the trick when it comes to word processing. Moreover, chances of having an iPad version of Word is not a seemingly vision of the near future. Pages provide you quite a few templates for common things as normal official letters, brochures etc. and also gives you possibility to insert tables, charts, shapes and your saved media too. The choice of fonts are comprehensive and you get styles for lists, headers, footers, captions, titles, subtitles etc. too. Cool!

iWorks: Numbers


The most powerful of the 3 apps, to me it is a clear winner when pitched against Excel. I love the way you can insert pre-defined tables, use formulae, insert Text, Date etc. The most wonderful thing in Numbers is the use of graphs. It is by far the easiest thing I have done in any softwares. Just tap on the graph area and it is ready to take in parameters, then tap on the rows or columns you want to graph to display and there you are...all done!

iWorks: Keynote


For people who are still obsessed with PPT presentations, this one might just seem to be a little better when it comes to user interface. Otherwise, pretty much the same. Worth having if you really want fast, easy and good looking presentations on the go.

Other Apps



Wunderlist is a simple to do application, that allows you to create your own checklists and never forget another work again. You need a free account which you can sign up by visiting the URL or from the app directly. Every time you open, close or add/edit/ delete tasks from the app, it automatically gets synced with your online account so that you can access your tasks from anywhere. Reminders can be set with 2 options, push and email. While push plays a note and displays a popup in iPad with the task, email sends it right to your inbox. Simple, fast and very effective.
Price: Free



One big problem with iPad is that you cannot easily switch between 2 applications. So if you are viewing some website in the built-in Safari browser and would like to make a note of things, you need to minimise the browser, launch the notepad, take notes and go back to the browser again. This to and fro needs to go on for quite some time if the note you need is long and requires surfing more than just one web page. Luckily we have Webnotes! It splits the iPad screen in two halves, one for the browser and one for the notepad. You can also alter the ratio of the screen share by dragging a button. The browser is basic but allows tabbed navigation, the notepad is very basic but does the trick. You can mail the notes you have created as txt format or simply copy the notes and paste it elsewhere. Does the trick!
Price: Free



I have been in love with TeamViewer ever since I have started using it. And I use it everywhere as I need to work in 3-4 different machines and have all my files scattered in various places. TeamViewer basically allows you to access a remote machine and take total control of that machine. You can perform actions to a machine located in your home, from a machine in your office. However, both the machines need to have TeamViewer installed and connected to Internet. The same is now available for iPad. I can now access my home files, office files, laptop files and all, straight from my iPad irrespective of the fact whether it's a Windows, Mac or Linux machine. Super cool!
Price: Free



One of the most important apps for me in recent times, MindMeister is a cool mind mapping app. If you are not aware of what mind mapping is, check out WikiPedia I have started using this technique recently and it has surely increased my productivity. This app is basically an extension of the MindMeister website that allows you to create and save mind maps online. However, the app is a standalone device and even though you can sync with the online account if you have one, you can use unlimited mind maps independently with the app. You can also create tasks, send reminders, share with others and delegate tasks to the people you are sharing the map with. Super duper cool!
Price: $7.99



Notes on the cloud! Create notes, organise them by notebooks and tags, share them or sync them with your EverNote account. If you are not using too many audio notes or high res images, a free account would have more than what you need. That's it, your notes are on the cloud and you're free to access them from anywhere as long as you can connect to the world wide web!
Price: Free

That's about all I have tested so far, if more apps increase my productivity, a sequel to this would surely be coming up.

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