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6 Sites for Free Personal Finance Management


A new financial year is just around the corner. And if you are one of those who is always troubled by money management on the personal front, you must be knowing how difficult it is to set things right at the end of a financial year just because you have often not kept records of transactions and bills through the year and have completely forgotten some of them. It's the time of the year when you need to sit back and rack your mind trying to figure out that small amount of money (which is often a considerable amount) which you had paid someone for something or you were to receive from someone for something.

If that's you, well, worry no more! Set your personal finances right in the new financial year with these free online personal finance management websites which does most of the work for you - but hey, you still gotta at least make the entries regularly!
Mint - One of the most popular in it's genre, Mint allows easy and secure management of your money, for free! Signup is easy and it allows you feed in all your accounts which Mint organizes for you. You can view reports to know where your money is going, create budgets for smarter money management and check out personalized recommendations. You can also use it on the go as Mint comes for iPhone and Androids too.

Money Strands - This 2010 Webby Awards winner in Banking/Bill Paying category works offers pretty much the same as Mint. The free plan offers 6 months of transfer history, budgeting, alerts, spending analysis etc. However, the free version displays ads which could get annoying and will not include advanced features like Cash Flow Projections and Savings Goals. The mobile version supports only iPhone as of now.

MoneyTrackin' - A very minimalist and no-nonsense website, it offers more than it seems at the very first look. Not only do you get the regular features like income/expense tagging, reports, budgets and limits but it also offers useful local and global tips on how you can save money. You also get a community of users with whom you can discuss finance and share useful tips. For mobility, as of now it only offers a mobile version of the website but does not have any iPhone or Android apps to support.

ClearCheckbook - One of the most promising website of its genre, this site has a cool interface that adds to the usefulness. You get a widgetized dashboard where you can customize to view at a glance only the aspects that are important to you. It of course offers all the other features like reports, budgeting, transactions history, recurring transactions, spending limits etc. Additionally it offers a cool feature called Checkbook Balancing which allows you to mark transactions as cleared/balanced so you always know exactly how much money you have and what transactions have been cleared with your bank. Mobile support is great as it is available for iPhone, Androids and Palm webOS.

BudgetPulse - Another great website that offers all the regular features, easy and very secure, has a great dashboard and comprehensive graphs and charts. Additionally, it helps you start online fundraisers easily through Paypal and Amazon.

Buxfer - Yet another cool website that allows you to take care of your transactions, budgets, reports and projection through a great dashboard. Includes bill reminders and has iPhone support.

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