Useful Horizontal Text Scrolling with jQuery


We often come across grid layouts nowadays to display products or portfolio or even simple image galleries. A typical layout consists of an image thumb or strip followed by a title. Each row can have 3 to 6 such images. It looks nicely aligned from the to, but if the title is long for some, it goes down to 2 lines and the bottom alignment for each row does not look neat anymore.

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My Productivity Apps for iPad


I spent the last few days playing with my new possession and obsession, the iPad. A
common question asked by everyone at this stage would be iPad 1 or 2? Well Apple has
been kind enough to release their first version in India after such a long time and I could
only get my hands on iPad1 only at a time when the rest of the world was enjoying the
release of iPad2. Sad but true! However, an ardent Apple fan, I did not let this situation
dampen my spirits. Instead, I did some research and found out the apps that would be the
key to my increased productivity in the coming times.

So be prepared as I take you to through my preferred choices of productivity apps for iPad.

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6 Sites for Free Personal Finance Management


A new financial year is just around the corner. And if you are one of those who is always troubled by money management on the personal front, you must be knowing how difficult it is to set things right at the end of a financial year just because you have often not kept records of transactions and bills through the year and have completely forgotten some of them. It’s the time of the year when you need to sit back and rack your mind trying to figure out that small amount of money (which is often a considerable amount) which you had paid someone for something or you were to receive from someone for something.

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Deprecated Tags in HTML5


The recent set of browser updates have made it clear that the advent of HTML5 is now just a matter of time. With more and more HTML5 support being added by the browsers, it’s time to prepare for the change. So I did a little research on the new tags and elements that are to be introduced by HTML5 and the ones that are to be made obsolete.

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Tweaking “<br>” Style for WordPress Editor


Wordpress has evolved into a complete CMS system and more over the years. But one minor thing that still causes some trouble is the editor that comes bundled with Wordpress installations. While I cannot surely negate the fact that it is a wonderful editor – I have recently come across a small but crucial issue caused by it. It is the use of <br>.

The problem is if you use <br> twice to use it for a hard break it gets converted to <p>. That said, if you have already styled the paragraph tag in your CSS, your hard break will start behaving like one.

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